Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Tale of Three Schools

Lately, I have been consumed by an unexpected change in my son, Liam's, schooling. From preschool-4th grade, Liam was enrolled in Kingfisher Academy, which we all loved. At the end of fourth grade in spring of 2012, Kingfisher decided to move to Tucker. This was a bit too far for us to commute.

He enrolled in The Atlanta School. We loved the education he was receiving there as well, and Liam was making good friends too. Enrollment was a bit down last year, and the school and parents were actively working to market the school better.

On July 29, we received an unexpected email from the Board of Directors. Ten families had decided to not enroll after all, and the Atlanta School was closing. We were all very shocked and upset.

Since then, I have been involved in a whirlwind of online and in person research trying to find a school for fall. We narrowed it down to three. Horizons Academy, Hess Academy, and Waldorf School of Atlanta.

In the end, we decided to apply to Waldorf- so we are waiting to see if Liam is accepted. Of course, I had to create an art journal page about this!

Left-hand side of spread.
RIght-hand side.

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