Monday, June 3, 2013

Pools and Pastels

My son, Liam, is currently obsessed with swimming. Yesterday, we attempted to make it to the pool at Piedmont Park (really stunning in its redesign!). However, by the time we arrived, storm clouds broke and thunder and lightning ended those plans. Our car was parked very far away from the pool, so we all speed walked in the storm for what felt like miles.

I got the date wrong on this card!
For today's (day 3)  Index-Card-A -Day-Challenge, I focused on that event, using Twinks luminescent watercolors to paint the storm and lightning, plus added the pool admittance band I was issued.

Shiva Pastel Set
I am also enrolled in Supplies Me, with Jane Davenport. This course explores how to get the best use out of different mixed media art supplies. I got to purchase pastels, which I do not think I have used since probably junior high! I forgot how much I used to love them.

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