Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Art Journals and Encaustics

Beautiful art journal page by Julie Ann Shahin. Check out more of her beautiful work here.
For some strange reason art journaling has been calling to me. Art journaling is the process of recording thoughts and feelings using art, words, and colors. I listen to lots of artist interviews on various podcasts, and many of them say that art journalling helps keep creativity flowing and allows for experimentation.

I do have a history of paper crafts and collage in my past (including scrapbooking). So it could speak to those parts of me as well.

Public domain image
I also have a growing fascination with encaustic (wax) painting. When I view paintings done with encaustics, I love the effect it has. Although traditionally done on a hard surface, I have been researching its use on paper. I was thinking maybe I can combine art journaling with encaustic techniques. 

I Hope everyone has a Happy Easter! 


  1. Happy Easter to you too. I have a friend on Facebook who does encaustic painting mostly angels - Julie-Ann Bowden. I also love the look.