Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Retreating to the Desert

Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Picture of  a Harris Hawk in Tuscon
This February, I am participating in my first real life (non-virtual) art retreat called Art Retreat in the Desert in Tucson  AZ.  Every time I think of it, I am exceedingly excited, and wish I could race around the room screaming with glee like my son does when he is enthusiastic about something.

The retreat is a combined 40th Birthday and Christmas gift from my husband. The instructors will be: jewelry artist Diane Cook, jewelry designer Deryn Mentock (and the lady from whom I have taken several classes, including my current Alchemy of Objects workshop), mixed media artist JoAnnA Pierotti , Jewelry designer Richard Salley, and jewelry designer Jessica Papke.

I am looking forward to learning from some great instructors, gaining the expereince of an art retreat, and going to a city I have never visited.

St. Augustine Cathedral, Tucson, Arizona
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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