Sunday, July 1, 2012

Current Jewelry Trends

One of my more recent blog posts was about the new neon trend in fashion. There are some other, jewelry specific fashion trends emerging as well. One fad are dangle earrings - anything that falls below the ear lobe. The current dangle trend seems to be in favor of a slightly dramatic look in earring drops. 
A variety of dangle earrings to gracefully fall below your ear lobe.
Bold statement necklaces remain in style. Such neck wear makes for a memorable jewelry choice for women who want to make an impression. I have noticed these can be asymmetric as well as chunky. Many of these styles remind me of the Miriam Haskell necklaces of the past- like bib necklaces and the use of giant floral motifs. 
Does your necklace make a statement?
Pearls are back with a bang. This is especially true of pastel toned pearls (note the peach, faux pearls in the above left picture!). Depending upon how they are used, pearls can add a more romantic and timeless feel to a piece of jewelry.

Pearls are soft and nostalgic.
Religious Jewelry remains popular as well. Crosses of all styles are now worn on many differing types of jewelry. Stars of David are also in demand. I recently had a woman inquire about creating a Hamsa (hand of God) necklace. Both Jewish and Muslim individuals can wear these as symbols of protection.

Do you find yourself drawn to one or more of these recent trends?

**All images in this post are of Graceful Leigh jewelry. 


  1. Pretty jewelry! I always miss the trends but then again, my customers don't seem to follow them, either. I just wish I could stay on top of things!

  2. Lori, but your jewelry is so beautiful - more in a classic or timeless sense.

  3. how to order...
    i like it...

    1. Thanks, Tiranda!

      You can order in my store, Graceful Leigh: