Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Dream in Green

As I pondered the color dilemmas of yesterday, I began to think that maybe the Limoges pin would be better paired with a pale green. Then, my sister-in-law, Karen, commented in response to the color post about using pastels with white and gold. So, I decided to try that combination and am happy with the results.

I ended up using these wonderful green swirl beads I received ages ago in a blog giveaway. I paired them with tiny pearls on one strand and fancy gold spacer beads on the other strand.

I used a beautiful chain I purchased in Los Angles, and a toggle clasp. To this I added a small, coordinating bead dangle.

I am not selling this one since the antique pin is from my great aunt. However, I already have plans in my mind for my next piece to stock my Etsy store with!

Do you like the changes I made?


  1. Wow, Leigh! This is really, really pretty. Definitely a keeper!! Nice photos too. Everyone who wears one of your necklaces needs an up-do or short hair to show off the closure details in back.

  2. Thanks, Karen :) I think it is because my hair is so short!