Monday, April 16, 2012

Lilies and Pearls

Swarovski Petrol blue pearls paired with smokey grey glass beads form the heart of this design. I wanted some chain to show on one side to contradict the romantic feel of the traditionally beaded side. I also tend to favor asymmetry, and the chain offers this as well. I do not usually create in silver, so this whole design was a bit different for me. 

This is a necklace rich with symbolism. The stamping used as the focal pendant is of Lilies. In art and folklore, Lilies are often used to symbolize the Virgin Mary. I paired this symbolic image with three vintage saint medals. Interestingly, my grandmother's name was Lily, so the flowers always remind me of her.

As I have in previous designs, I used a Rosary center as a two-to-one strand connector here near the lobster clasp.

This necklace will soon be for sale in my Etsy shop! Can you sense my excitement over having my shop open soon?


  1. This is beautiful and also a great idea with the rosary connectors. I can't wait for you to open your shop!!!

  2. Thanks, Donna. I cannot wait either! I have been in a creative frenzy lately! And, I know it is not me leading the way :)