Monday, March 26, 2012

First Etsy Necklace

I just completed the first item for my Etsy sales stock! I am equal parts nervous and excited. This is the necklace I posted about previously. I repurposed a Madonna and child pendant I already had as the centerpiece.

I strung red Czech glass beads, gold spacers, and pearls to pick up on the red stones, pearls, and red parts of the Jesus and Mary picture present in the pendant. I used a bit of wire wrapping to attach the pendant to the necklace.

I wanted to use this wonderful vintage clasp since the pearl center works so well with the necklace. The clasp is for a double strand necklace, so it has two connectors on each side. There is a way it can be strung to attach it to a single strand necklace. However, I had the idea of using two, matching Rosary centers because they have a two-to-one style connection.

I now want to work on a few more items to stock my store with before I open it. I would like to have 6-10 items made before I open.