Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wrapped Fabric Bead

The weather outside is frightful! Hovering a few degrees above freezing, and rainy. On days like this, when mother nature seems indecisive, I would just prefer snow. The Georgia mountains to our North are supposed to get some snow as the evening progresses, but just what they term a "wintery mix" here in the city.

Don't these beads remind you of snow?
I was excited to have time for one of my Build Zone workshop lessons today. Using recycled sari silk, I created a wrapped bead. I added seed beads randomly as I wrapped the fabric with wire. I really like this technique, which I had never tried before. When I saw beads like this before, I thought it might be more difficult to achieve the spacing of the seed beads, but you just periodically add beads as you wrap and they remain in place.

Hope you all are keeping warm out there as winter tries to come early.

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  1. That has to be the most unusual bead I have ever seen!!!