Friday, June 21, 2013

My Mug in Cuppa With Friends

Tracey Fletcher King  featured my favorite mug in her Cuppa with Friends series of artwork. She had the idea to take part in the Index-Card-a-Day challenge (you probably recall that I am doing this too). I love Tracey's art and was so very excited to be included. After emailing her a picture of the mug, here is what she came up with.

The picture of the mug I emailed to Tracey.
Tracey's rendering of my mug. I like how she continues the flower pattern around the mug. 


  1. Glad you liked the end result... I must admit that this is one that made me wish i had allocated a lot more time than 30 mins... it would make a lovely small canvas I think... those flowers are just so lovely... thanks for being part of the fun xx

    1. Posted a bit too quickly- meant to say, "love it just the way it is!"