Friday, May 31, 2013

Drawing Progress Report

You may recall my fears of drawing from this previous post. I enrolled in a mini  online workshop with Jane Davenport called Draw Happy.  It took about a week to complete.

This workshop is considered a first step in drawing, so lessons in things like shading and skin tones will be in the next workshop I take, Supplies Me.

I practiced sketching faces over and over again  I also worked really hard on sketching my Retriever mix, Daisy, endlessly. Over time, I would love to achieve more three-dimensionality with the dog and face too.

You may notice I ended up with one crazy eye on my face!

Though you cannot tell from the picture- the hair on the right extends and forms the curl on the left hand page. I am extremely nervous about sharing my images, but here goes (click to enlarge). . .

Mixed Media Draw Happy Art Journal Page


  1. Leigh you should not be afraid these are really really good. I love the colors too. Keep going....everything takes practice.....remember when you started all of your jewelry and now look at you!!!!