Sunday, October 7, 2012

Design Challenge Three: Saint in a Bottle

In The Alchemy of Objects workshop, our design challenge for this past week was related to texture and sparkle. As you are most likely aware, I love sparkle!

I knew that I wanted to incorporate my pocket Saint Mary into this week's challenge. I had long been contemplating using small, vintage glass bottles to display pocket saints in my jewelry designs. I had come across pictures of hinged bottles used in jewelry, which are a similar concept. However, the bottles as I have fashioned them do not open.

I cut the glass bottle, positioning Mary and some text inside. I then solder the bottle back together again.

This design needs a little tweaking, but my hope is to perfect it and then offer a series of them in my Graceful Leigh shop.


  1. I love this idea! Anything trapped in a bottle, or a diorama in an egg..right up my alley:) Was this hard to do?

  2. Well, one does need to cut the glass with a glass cutting tool - like a Dremel attachment or other tool - and then also solder it together.